How did we get here 3 (cont.)

And so it is that a lot of those who likes to do, to build, to ship left the company. They were the risk takers, the big thinkers, the ones with the most imagination. These were the lifeblood of the company, who were often the mavericks that got things done.

But the bench is deep, and so when these guys left, a vacuum was formed. Of those who took advantage of this vacuum, a lot of the folks were still very smart people. But the culture and belief system of those who filled the vacuum were different than those who left. These people are more conservative. They preferred the security of Microsoft's backing in their product development, rather than risking their personal asset. They enjoyed the feeling of power, of being in charge of large teams of people, more so than the feeling of being up front blazing trail. The replacement players, in other words, weren't as hungry, as risk-taking, as "just do it" as those who they replaced. They were stronger believer in power of the institution, rather than the power of the individual, of personal will. And being institutional players themselves, they started to think more about politics and internal struggle to gain power over each other.


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